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Curbside Consult

Definition - A Curbside Consult is when a physician offers informal advice and/or treatment recommendations to another physician, colleague or peer.

Traditionally, Curbside Consults were only available to those within a physician or surgeons inner circle, until now! With a quick and easy Curbside Consult via MoonlightOrtho®, our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine providers may offer you informal and non-specific advice, discussing generalities regarding your medical or orthopedic condition. We CAN NOT give a firm diagnosis or prescribe any treatment recommendations via a Curbside consult; however, we CAN tell patients if and when you should seek further medical care for such or when it might be "OK" to self-treat. The Curbside Consult will be preformed by a current provider on the MoonlightOrtho® platform, not a triage nurse or medical assistant. Additionally, a full patient account registration, medical questionnaire and video upload are not required, so you can get some FAST answers to some complicated questions!