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Concierge Visit

A Concierge Visit is essentially a New Patient visit combined with a Phone Consult, to provide the highest level of concierge orthopedic medical care to our most discerning patients. With a Concierge Visit the patient will take the same steps as they would for a New Patient visit, by filling out the patient Intake Form and uploading a self video. The MoonlightOrtho® provider will then call the patient to discuss his or her orthopedic issues in more detail, and may offer additional workup and treatment options. The phone call will consist of 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with your provider. Next, the provider will respond with a written Assessment and Recommendation(s), as well as a return video.

With a Concierge Visit your MoonlightOrtho® provider can give a more personalized service, and cover a more in-depth explanation of your orthopedic condition, while answering any additional questions that the you may have regarding various treatment options. Additionally, our providers do their best to respond to our Concierge Visit patients the same day.

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