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Fast X-ray

Discount & Direct-to-Consumer Orthopedic Imaging/Online Referral Service

MoonlightOrtho® has partnered with FastXray.com, a national supplier of Orthopedic imaging services, to offer our new and existing patients a direct-to-consumer (cash-pay) option for Orthopedic/musculoskeletal imaging. Via FastXray we are able to offer our MoonlightOrtho® patients the most affordable MRI, X-ray, CT Scan, Ultra Sound, and other imaging modalities, nationwide. For example, the average cost of an MRI, performed at a FastXray location and reviewed by a board-certified Radiologist, may be up to 75% less than a similar study preformed at competing facilities.

With MoonlightOrtho® patients may bypass the traditional difficulties/constraints of obtaining a referral or Doctors order for Orthopedic imaging such as an X-ray or MRI. For patients in need of an orthopedic imaging modality who do not have the requisite referral/Doctors order, MoonlightOrtho® can offer a fast, online referral service via a New Patient Visit. As indicated, an imaging referral/Doctors order will be quickly generated online by one of our MoonlightOrtho® providers, and may be utilized at a FastXray location or any imaging facility that the patient chooses.(Sorry, insurance pre-authorizations WILL NOT be performed by your MoonlightOrtho® provider).

After completing the imaging study, patients may register for a Return Visit to review the study results with a MoonlightOrtho® provider; allowing quick feedback regarding the results of the imaging study – as opposed to waiting for weeks to get into your local provider just to go over the results and be given treatment options.

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Bone Brace Logo

Discount & Direct-to-Consumer Orthopedic-Specific Splints/Braces

BoneBrace.com is not an e-commerce site and we DO NOT not sell braces directly. Our goal is to give consumers another option when an Orthopedic splint or brace is needed, or when a specific brace has been recommended by your provider. We have researched hundreds of braces across countless websites to find you the lowest priced braces, recommended by our sub-specialized Orthopedic Surgeons (a wrist brace recommended by a Hand and Wrist surgeon, a back brace recommended by a Spine Surgeon, etc.) These are often the same splints and braces you would receive when seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon or Sports Medicine Physician in his or her office, but at direct-to-consumer pricing.

For a better understanding of when, where, why and how to wear the brace for maximum benefit, please register for a FREE account at moonlightortho.com and review our OrthoU video series, where we discuss the "most commons" in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, including simple home treatment recommendations and brace ware.

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Carpal Tunnel Logo

Direct-to-Consumer Surgical Tourism

For MoonlightOrtho® patients in whom carpal tunnel surgery is recommended, we have partnered with CarpalTunnelConcierge.com, a direct-to-consumer/fee-for-service, surgical tourism company. Via Carpal Tunnel Concierge, we can offer our patients a ‘cash-pay’ option to one of the most common surgical procedures performed by Orthopedic Surgeons, carpal tunnel release surgery. This service is offered to patients from all over the world as a sort of medical tourism, as our patients not only travel for the significant cost savings compared to the equivalent hospital/insurance based surgery, but for the actual vacation before or after their 10-minute procedure as well, as our Hand Surgeons are located in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, such as Lake Tahoe! For more information regarding direct-to-consumer hand surgery and medical tourism, please visit: CarpalTunnelConcierge.com

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PT-live Logo

Direct-to-Consumer, Online Physical Therapy Consult

A Physical Therapy Consult consists of 20 minutes of on-demand, “real-time” chat with a licensed Physical Therapist. With this type of consult, your PT can offer insight and education about treatments to speed your recovery time, and will provide home exercises that can be preformed for various orthopedic conditions. The PT may also provide guidance, pictures and/or videos describing the specific stretches and exercises most beneficial to you. Additionally, during your consult, the Physical Therapist may offer a full telemedicine PT program, and can arrange for a follow up Physical Therapy treatment in a telemedicine or clinical setting, typically within a few days. This will streamline the process of getting into Physical Therapy for conservative or post-operative treatment of your musculoskeletal condition. At MoonlightOrtho® we believe in continuity of care, and take a "team approach" to treating your orthopedic problem(s)! Go To PTLive

Ortho University Logo

Ortho University Video Lectures - A FREE Service to MoonlightOrtho® Patients!

The Ortho University Video Library is provided FREE of charge to our MoonlightOrtho® patients! Via the OrthoU video lecture series patients may research their symptoms and/or their diagnosis and learn about some simple self-diagnostic tools, along with some general home treatment recommendations, some treatments that are only available "in office", and when it may be time to consider surgery. Each individual topic is covered by a Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeon, with a practice emphasis in that area of musculoskeletal pathology. The OrthoU videos are a great service to patients when combined with a New Patient Visit or a Curbside Consult, and may allow many patients to "self-treat" some simple and straight forward musculoskeletal conditions.

To access the full videos, we ask for you to register for a FREE patient account (the red tab in the top/right corner of the website). Once logged into your Patient Dashboard you will have unlimited access to the OrthoU Video Library. The link below will take you to the edited version found at YouTube.com

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CirrusMed Logo

Cirrus MED is an Online, Direct-to-Consumer & Concierge Doctor Network

Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) is an online concierge doctor network, where members retain their very own private physician for a nominal monthly fee. Avoid the hassles of traditional office-based medical practices by connecting with a CirrusMED physician 24/7 via secure online encounters such e-messaging and video-conferencing through virtual appointments.

Our physicians are Board-Certified, State-Licensed Primary Care Physicians. Upwards of 80% of primary care visit complaints can be managed via telemedicine. Prescriptions, referrals, labs, and x-rays can all be managed online

With several membership options, you can choose the plan that fits your needs. Please find out more here: https://cirrusmedicalnetwork.com/