Patient Checklist

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For the best telemedicine experience please follow these steps:

  • First! Please review the levels of service under the Pricing tab to understand what is involved with each type of visit
  • Select your Provider, or choose by Body Part and State to see a list of providers
  • Choose your level of service and make your payment
  • Important! Next you will need to go to your e-mail to activate your new MoonlightOrtho® account and set a password
  • Fill out the Intake Form and be as specific as possible, please be sure to give as much detail as you can
  • Watch the Tutorial Video and see the “Questions” tab. Print the Questions for reference when recording your self video
  • Upload your Patient Video with as much specific detail as possible
  • Upload any pertinent Files including: X-rays, imaging or lab reports, primary care referrals, etc.
  • Your MoonlightOrtho® provider will respond within 24-36 hours
  • Review providers Assessment/Recommendation(s) at the bottom of the Intake Form. You may be given a choice between multiple treatment options, respond and let your provider know how you would like to proceed
  • Look for any prescriptions or other orders in your patient Dashboard
  • Please rate your provider by clicking on the Provider Directory and dragging the stars from left to right
  • Return Visits are available for any needed ongoing care