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What is MoonlightOrtho?

MoonlightOrtho is the First and Only stand-alone, Orthopedic-specific telemedicine practice. We offer a user-friendly and all-inclusive telehealth “hub” for musculoskeletal care, including Orthopedics/Sports Medicne, Podietry, Physical Therapy, imaging (such as MRI and X-ray) durable medical equipment, (splints and braces), and even concierge surgery and medical toruism.

MoonlightOrtho is capable of bringing patients interested in telemedicine services together with providers, via a cutting edge and patent-pending form of “Asynchronous Video Telecommunication”. This unique feature allows a patient to upload a brief self-video on a mobile device or webcam, and be very descriptive in doing so.

With this video patient’s may point to exactly where their pain or symptoms occur, what position makes it better or worse, what limitation in range of motion they may have, etc., without the interruption of an impatient physician talking during their exam. This video not only allows for significantly more detail to be relayed to the provider, but also allows for a more personal interaction with the provider, and can be uploaded at the patients’ convenience, including after hours, nights and weekends. Following the patients’ self-video upload, our providers will review the video, along with a short Intake Form (medical questionnaire), and will respond with a return video, as well as written communication, to give a medical Assessment and make Recommendations. These may include: a prescription for a medication, a lab order, imaging orders such as X-ray, MRI or a CT scan, an order for an EMG or a nerve study, or a referral for Physical or Occupational Therapy. Additional recommendations for further evaluation and work-up by specialists such as Rheumatologists, Physiatrists, or Neurologists may be made as well.

With other telemedicine services, patients are still limited to the time constraints of a doctors’ schedule if they want to have video interaction with their provider; this is because most other telemedicine services rely on “real time” or live video teleconferencing exclusively. Please see our FAQs section for additional information regarding orthopedic telemedicine and MoonlightOrtho.

Who is MoonlightOrtho?

We are a seasoned group of forward thinking Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine physicians, Podiatrists, and Physical Therapists who wanted to offer our existing, as well as new patients, more choices in their healthcare delivery. We are NOT medical students, residents or fellows, as we believe that it takes a few years of clinical practice, out on your own, to be comfortable treating patients in a telemedicine/telehealth setting. We provide our Curriculum Vita (resume) for your review, as you the consumer need to make the most educated decision possible regarding YOUR medical care.

We take a conservative and “team approach” to treating our patients, and have partnered with telehealth Physical Therapists to offer a “live chat” feature with a licensed PT; because “mobility is life” and we want to make sure our patient’s exercises are prescribed and preformed appropriately. Likewise, our partner FastXray.com, a national supplier of imaging services, has simplified and streamlined the process of obtaining orthopedic imaging studies, such as an MRI or X-ray. No longer will patients have to wait up to 3 weeks and pay upwards of $1500 for an MRI at the local hospital, as we can offer our MoonlightOrtho patients a flat rate, cash-pay service for under $500. Concierge and fee-for-service surgical services may additionally be offered via MoonlightOrtho for simple, out-patient procedures; such as our Carpal Tunnel Concierge program, for under $1000. We have contracted with fellowship trained surgeons, in beautiful destination locations, such as Lake Tahoe, as a sort of “medical tourism”.

With MoonlightOrtho we are able to bypass the constraints of a traditional, office based practice, to offer our patients high quality, concierge-style musculoskeletal care, on their time schedule, and from the comfort of any location the THEY may choose.

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Why Choose MoonlightOrtho?

On average, patients may wait 4-6 weeks to be seen by a busy private practice Orthopedic Surgeon in a traditional office-based setting, but with MoonlightOrtho you may be seen by that same surgeon within 36 hours (or same day for a Concierge Visit). If you’re reading this as a patient you are obviously an informed consumer, and realize that every initial doctors visit does not need to consist of taking time out of your busy schedule to jump through the hoops required at most offices, when you may have already done some of your own research and just need a provider to confirm the diagnosis and offer treatment options. WE UNDERSTAND THIS! MoonlightOrtho additionally specializes in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Second Opinions, with our team of seasoned musculoskeletal providers.

With rising healthcare costs, and the increase in high-deductible insurance plans, as well as the ever-busy and hectic lifestyles that our patients are choosing to live, MoonlightOrtho may be able offer you simple solutions to common orthopedic problems, while providing you with a reasonable and transparent fee schedule; all while working around YOUR time constraints. Please see our FAQs section for additional information regarding orthopedic telemedicine and MoonlightOrtho.