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MoonlightOrtho, a Delaware-based C-corp., is actively seeking investors on every level, from the individual to venture capital and private equity firms. As telehealth continues to rapidly expand across the globe and change the very fabric of our healthcare delivery system, we are raising capital to help fund version 2.0 of the MoonllightOrtho platform. Hinging on our recent success, in V2 we additionally plan to scale across the various other surgical and medical specialities, to bring our vision of telehealth to patients and providers outside the field of orthopedics. With funding, we are also looking to launch a full-scale, national marketing campaign to further promote our brand and awareness.

Once vetted, we will send over a prospectus, along with our pitch slide deck and descriptive walk-through video of the front and backside of our proprietary website, hardcoded on 88 individual site pages, with multiple other interactive text-boxes, chat features and additional workflow solutions.

MoonlightOrtho.com offers patients the convenience of a self-contained orthopedic "practice" within our HIPPA compliant and HL-7 certified platform, including: Asynchronous Video patient/provider communication, a custom built electronic medical records system, and complete prescribing/tracking/storage capabilities, including but not limited to medications and outside referrals. We are truly a one-stop-shop for all things orthopedic, we offer a unique platform and a patent-pending workflow solution, and we are the first to market in this space!

What else sets MoonlightOrtho® apart from competing telehealth platforms?

  • We are the ONLY orthopedic-specific, direct-to-consumer telemedicine platform
  • We have enrolled over 80+ providers on the platform to date, all organically
  • We currently have Orthopedic Telehealth coverage in 50 states and internationally
  • We are founded and led by Orthopedic Surgeons, not a corporate conglomerate
  • We offer an appealing overhead structure, much lower than an office-based practice
  • We utilize an asynchronous platform, which is what busy specialists and patients prefer
  • We have carved out a concierge niche with direct-to-consumer pricing
  • We have formed strategic partnerships with companies offering extended services
  • We have proprietary software and have filed for a work flow patent

If you would like to be part of a rapidly expanding business model, while getting in on the ground level, please reach out. We would be thrilled to have you as part of the MoonlightOrtho® business family! Please contact Dr. David Eisenhauer Founder/CEO of MoonlightOrtho® at 1-833-FASTXRAY or via our LinkedIn company page at: